History / Historia

Federación de Mexicanos Unidos en Utah

On October of 2007, the principles of the Federacion de Mexicanos Unidos en Utah were incorporated in which they would build into the benefit of the Mexican migrant community. These fundamental principles would be the motor that would permit the growth and strengthening of our non-profit organization under the fiscal regimen known as a 501(c)(3).

Our organization is grounded under fundamental basics shown in the following principles:

  • Promote the culture and Mexican traditions in Utah. There are organizations in the state of Utah that are guided through the same objective. Federacion, under the direction of President Salvador Lazalde, will promote the work in conjunction to be able to cover the necessities in our migrant community.
  • Take advantage of the benefits that are offered through the 3X1 program through the Mexican Government. This program supports all projects of well-being and social development of the migrant community in their places of origin. Federacion de Mexicanos Unidos en Utah (FMUU) will guide, advise, and support all the projects of the people interested in participating in this program (3X1) through the Clubs that are affiliated through our organization (FMUU). The Clubs, regulated through their own objectives, the 3X1 programs are being developed. The Club Santa Rose de Sain Alto, Zacatecas and Club Ausentes de Villa, from Villa Corona, Jalisco are just some examples of the Clubs that have executed community projects under this program.
  • Humanitarian help: The Federation is conscious in the importance in the support provided to communities with most necessities and extreme poverty. With the supervision and support of Dr. Cesar Diaz, whom is a person dedicated in body and soul to this noble labor, we will be able to realize and consolidate this principle in different zones and communities in Mexico. Support which consists in ambulances, wheel chairs, medical supplies, etc.

Financial courses: Mr. Salvador Lazalde, President of Federacion, has in mind the importance of advising our migrant community on financial subjects. Federacion, in conjunction with the organization Centro de la Familia, permanently support the program Fast-Trac; which has the object to provide the tools that will work as a base to initiate businesses here in the United States and in Mexico, in their places of origin.

Some of our accomplishments are:

         *   FMUU can consolidate LULAC on State of Utah in 2011 and 2012 was elected to Hold the National Convention for 2015.

         * On 2012 FMUU begun celebrate TONAHUAC AWARD as celebrate the anniversary, this Awards given to those Persons who has make huge impact in our community.

          * Media and Federation. Our organization realized the importance of consolidating a place in Utah with Hispanic radio program called “Paisano Contact”. This program informs the federation trajectory, achievements and goals; also this program connects the clubs in the federation with the authorities in their place of origin in Mexico, interviews with club members about their experiences and benefits from being part of the federation. This is a dialogue is stablished between the general public and federation that let our community to know that there is an organization that will guide them in everyday development on production and community projects in their home land.

          * Club Santa Rosa (Zacatecas) could support the Tecnológico de Zacatecas Norte for the creation of a new classroom. Also contributed to build two towers for his town parish and a watch valued in $ 5,000.00 dollars. In addition, under its auspices, 5.9 Km of road were constructed in Santa Rosa, Zac.

          * Hispanic Community Club Tooele, UT has collaborated with the Utah State University and Tecnológico de Monterrey in Basic Computer and English classes; also made possible medical services for low-income people that was eventually established in a monthly basis in Tooele, UT.

          * Club Villagran Guanajuato, carried out the expansion of the local parish to accommodate more adequate way the growing population of the community.

          * Absent Sons from Villa Corona Foundation have managed to rebuild and equip a nursing home, providing adequate living spaces for inmates. Every winter distributes groceries to needy families. Also have run various urban projects like sports units, street lighting, drainage, paved and cobbled streets for the wellbeing of the municipality population. In order to promote tourism and encourage economic benefit each year is donating a fireworks show during the festivities of Villa Corona, Jalisco; recently, they donate a school bus and an ambulance for the service of the ill and less fortunate people.

* The state of Morelos “Chinelos” Club were worthy of “Emiliano Zapata” award for his tireless efforts to disseminate the culture of Morelos, a delegation was also invited to the inauguration ceremony of the President of the USA Barack Obama.

Our history is maybe short as organized clubs, but before that, we were doing isolated efforts to provide help and support to our hometown poor people, but from 2009 as Federation of United Mexican in Utah, we are becoming stronger and more capable of sending the help and relief they need with the support of such great organization like you.


1-fundacion 2007 [club santa rosa sain alto Zacatecas] [club ausentes de villa corona Jalisco] club san mateo teompancala  estado de mexico] [club villa gran juanajuato]  [ club puebla]

2- 2009 nuevos [clubes, club Chiapas] [club hidalgo] [club pedregal] [club Veracruz] [club casas Viejas mich.] [club nuevo leon juanaguato]

[club mexico df]

[club cierrenos de chiuahua] [club san luis potosi] [club liga premier] [club liga continental]

3- 2012 a 2015  nuevos clubes [club Durango] [club ausentes de villa Garcia zac] [club  hacienda agostadero zac. [club Durango ]

[club dame una mano mexico]

[club la jefa mich.]

4- 2018 clubes activos [club santa rosa] zacatecas [club los primos] Durango [club] san luis potosi [club dame una mano] mexico df [club ausentes de villa corona] jalisco [club ausentes de san tadeo] Aguascalientes [club ausentes de villa Garcia] Zacatecas [club la jefa] michoacan

Proyectos y logros de fmuu

  1. 110 becas valor $500 plan de negocio  tiempo de graudacion 14 semanas
  2. $7000 mil firmas 2008 para que el gobierno de mexico otorgara mas fondos al consulado de mexico y poder extender mas pasaportes matriculas ya que las citas eran hasta 6 meses de espera
  3. Aprobacion de 501c3 como organicacion no lucrativa
  4. La llegada de lulac por primera ves  oficialmente al estado de Utah  requisitos 10 concilios  como clubes se formaron concilios
  5. 2012 en florida  por mayoria de votos la confencion nacional por primera ves se viene a Utah
  6. La llegada de maldef a Utah  2013 thomas saenz president y consul general  de maldef se le otorga el reconocimiento el premio tonahuac
  7. 2012 fundacion de [ premios tonahuac reconocimiento a aquelias personas o organicaciones que asen la diferencia, en nuestra comunidad Latina para una vida mejor
  8. 2015 program  [contacto paisano la vos del migrante] radio positive 1490 AM martes de 5;00pm a 6;00pm local nacional y internacional
  9. Lograr trabajar en conjunto con mas de 30 organizacion un ejemplo mas de que unidos podremos  ser mas Fuertes
  10. Enlazar a autoridades  municipals y estatales como religiones entre mexico y USA   
  11. Proyectos humanitarios  en diferentes partes de mexico morelos, Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Chiapas, Zacatecas con mas de #1000 sillas de ruedas renovacion de clinicas  con diferente equipo medico de bastones andaderas hasta camas
  12.   4 ambulancias a diferentes partes de mexico
  13. 9 camiones escolares a diferentes  partes de mexico
  14. Construccion de carreteras, calles, puentes, campos de deportes, apliacion y remoledacion de escuelas Iglesias panales solares, becas escolares, pequenos negocios desde invernaderos tortillerias, tiendas de abarrotes, y mucho mas  gracias al 3×1 que el gobierno de mexico otorga a los clubes de oriundos formados en la union Americana
  15. Sirviendo alimentos a miles de desaparados  como a diferentes  organisacion  no lucrativas al igual dando dispensas en diferentes partes de mexico